About Zoe

Born and raised in Ithaca, NY, Zoe Weiss performs widely on the viola da gamba and Baroque cello as both a soloist and a chamber musician. Zoe believes passionately in music’s ability to forge human connections and strives to do so through her work as a performer and teacher. A founding member of LeStrange Viols, Science Ficta, and the Folk Baroque Trio, Zoe also performs regularly with the Oberlin Consort of Viols and the Smithsonian Consort of Viols. She has recently defended her dissertation “The Sixteenth-Century In Nomine: Networks of Mobility, Influence, and Intertextuality” and will receive a Ph.D. in Musicology from Cornell University in December 2021. Her research into the Elizabethan table-book GB-Lbl Add. MS 31390 grew into the LeStrange Viols album Æternum which can be heard on the New Focus label. In her spare time, Zoe enjoys gardening, cooking, crocheting lace doilies, and hiking with her dog Susie Q.

Photograph by Matthew Stein
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