• Ed., Agostino Agazzari, Eumelio (1606), with Elizabeth Lyon and Matthew Hall (A-R Editions, forthcoming 2021)
  • “CD Review: Jacques Morel (fl. c1700-1749) Premier Livre de Pièces de Violle: Alejandro Marías (viola da gamba),” Eighteenth Century Music 18 (2021): 215-217.
  • “The Case of the Missing Second Group: Sonata Form in Haydn’s Op. 64 no. 1,” HAYDN: the online journal of the Haydn Society of North America 10, no. 1, article 4 (2020),
  • “The Merry Jests of Jenkins’s Partbooks,” Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America 51 (2019-2020): 5-26.


  • Through Lines. Molly Herron and Science Ficta, New Amsterdam Records, 2021.
  • Cantica Obsoleta: Forgotten Works from the Düben Collection. ACRONYM, New Focus Recordings, 2020.
  • Æternum: Music of the Elizabethan Avant Garde from Add. MS 31390. LeStrange Viols, New Focus Recordings, 2018.*
  • Capricornus: Jubilus Bernhardi. ACRONYM and The Bach Choir of Holy Trinity, New Focus Recordings, 2017.
  • William Cranford: Consort Music for 4, 5, and 6 Viols. LeStrange Viols, New Focus Recordings, 2015.
  • David Funck: Stricturæ Viola-di Gambicæ. Consort Conspiracy, New Focus Recordings, 2014.*

*Zoe wrote the liner notes for these recordings

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