Sample Syllabi

Resistance, Reform, and Revolt: Sound and Music in Early Modern England [taught Spring 2020]

This course takes the cultural conflicts of early modern England as a starting point from which to understand the role of music and sound in English society. The four units address the Reformation, England’s imperial expansion, the civil war and interregnum, and the scientific revolution , exploring how music reflected and contributed to each of these tumultuous moments.

Dissecting Orpheus: Finding Music in the Brain

This interdisciplinary course draws on literature from cognitive science, music psychology, and musicology to investigate music’s centrality to the human experience and how to locate it within the complex entanglement of mind, brain, body, and culture.

Music and Musicking: Music Appreciation [taught Fall 2017]

This introductory course was designed for the Cornell Prison Education Program to conform to the curricular requirements of Cayuga Community College. It lays out an introduction to musical elements and musical culture and blends examples from the Western art music tradition and American popular musics.

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