Student Evaluations

Baroque chamber music coaching:

“The instructor, Zoe, was phenomenal. She really was passionate about the art of creating music, and this passion inspires me to look more at the details and the shape of the music I was playing rather than me just playing notes.”

“I thought Zoe was exceptionally patient and encouraging, especially since my starting point with the viol was significantly worse than the others in the group. I really appreciated her careful choice of repertoire which meant that I felt able to contribute meaningfully and enjoy the music, even with my far more limited ability on the instrument.”

Classroom teaching:

“Zoe challenges us to think and explore the relationships between music, our environment and our world . . . Zoe is a great resource upon which I am able to find and share my voice, something that I can say doesn’t happen easily.”

“Zoe is a fantastic teacher, academic resource and support for this course and beyond the course. I’ve never had any issues coming to speak to her about both academic and personal related issues.”

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