Teaching Resume

Instructor of Record:

Resistance, Reform, and Revolt: Sound and Music in Early Modern England

  • Developed and taught as a Don M. Randel teaching fellow at Cornell University in Spring 2020.

History and Appreciation of Music I

  • Developed and taught for the Cornell Prison Education Program at Elmira Correctional Facility following curricular requirements of Elmira Community College in Spring 2020.

Music and Musicking: Music Appreciation

  • Developed and taught for the Cornell Prison Education Program at Auburn Correctional Facility following curricular requirements of Cayuga Community College in Fall 2017.

Amateur Music-Making in the Renaissance

  • Co-instructor. Developed and taught viol performance and repertoire for an interdisciplinary course designed by Kate van Orden at Harvard University in Fall 2013.

Teaching Assistant:

Elements of Music (Professor Andrew Hicks)

  • This is Cornell’s large introduction to music course aimed at non-majors. As a TA I ran two discussion sections, facilitated online discussion forums, and graded written work. I was a TA for this course in Fall 2015 and Fall 2018.

Classical Music from 1750 to the Present (Professor Rebecca Harris-Warrick)

  • This is the second half of the Western music survey aimed at non-majors. As a TA I ran discussion sections and graded written work. One student wrote, “Zoe challenges us to think and explore the relationships between music, our environment and our world . . . Zoe is a great resource upon which I am able to find and share my voice, something that I can say doesn’t happen easily.” I was a TA for this course in Spring 2018.

Musicianship for Cornell Chorale (Asst. Dir. Choral Programs Stephen Spinelli)

  • I ran musicianship workshops and singing sectionals for the Chorale. Musicianship lessons included sight-singing, music analysis, music theory, and performance practice. I was a TA for the Chorale in Fall 2017.

History of Rock Music (Professor Judith Peraino)

  • This large popular course is mostly taken by non-music majors. I taught three discussion sections in which I delivered lectures of new content and led discussions of weekly material. I graded written work and exams. I was a TA for this course in Spring 2017.

Baroque Music Ensembles (overseen by Professor Neal Zaslaw)

  • I independently coached four ensembles of diverse musical abilities, preparing them for a performance at the end of the semester. One student commented, “I thought Zoe was exceptionally patient and encouraging, especially since my starting point with the viol was significantly worse than the others in the group. I really appreciated her careful choice of repertoire which meant that I felt able to contribute meaningfully and enjoy the music, even with my far more limited ability on the instrument.” I taught these students in Fall 2016.

Introduction to Western Music Theory (instructor Eli Marshall)

  • This introductory course began with basic music literacy skills and progressed through scales, intervals, triads, tonal harmony, and formal analysis. I met with two sections of students twice a week to deliver new content and reinforce materials delivered by the instructor in lecture. I also graded exams and mentored students who were struggling with this fast-paced and difficult course. I was a TA for this course in Spring 2016.

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